Chris Martin is an Australian artist based in Coogee, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Raised on a farm, Martin developed a deep enthusiasm and appreciation for the vast Australian landscape. Moving to the beach is where Chris's love affair with the ocean flourished into deep respect and a place for reflection.


"I bring and draw influence from the expansive landscape around me. Along with the people who enrich my life and the experiences which have and continue to mould me. I fuse and combine these connections within the essence of my art, resulting in a powerful interpretation of my influences."


Martin began utilising his natural creativity and inquisitive nature by exploring forms with resin as his expressive medium. This lead Martin down a path of self-expression and a way to convey and highlight his love and enthusiasm for the land and ocean that he draws inspiration from daily. Creativity, design and art have always been a part of Martin's life. His passion for creating, reflection and deep thought can be experienced throughout his body of work.


"Resin as an artform has utterly captivated me. Not just because I love the thought of trying to control the uncontrollable but because the viewer is absorbed into the fluid movements of a single piece. The tiniest portions of a work are like little worlds just waiting to be found and are ever-changing with the appearance of light and movement around my work. It's my passion to create, a place of reflection and deep thought not only for myself but also for the viewer."


After successful exhibitions, Martins artworks can be found in households globally. 2020 has been a year for Martin to focus on evolving his work whilst exploring diverse mediums to continue to develop his creative narrative.