Stingray Bay

Stingray Bay

stingray bay
Every year I live for my trip with mates on my annual boat trip. This year was no different. As we drove our houseboat two and half hours south deeper into no mans land, anchored and watched the sunset it became all so apparent why I sting for this getaway. Completely surrounded by walls of nature, friends and the sound of water against our boat bobs up and down I feel ultimately... happy. As the sun sets between the hills of trees my mind tries to commit as many of the colours to memory full when knowing a camera cannot take the photo. This is my interpretation of Stingray Bay. A place where I anchored, filled my lungs with air, watched the sun set, the moon rise and marvelled with the widest of eyes at a starry night feeling a little insignificant but blown away at the beauty of the world I sometimes take for granted.
So that's the back story. I came back home and painted what I could of that memory, pouring resin to create this landscape, details in the trees and details within the black itself. The "mountain range" casting a shadow to the layers below it adding depth to the piece as a whole. Although a seemingly simple looking piece the amount of effort involved to create symmetry and straight lines with liquid took a lot of effort. It wasn't an easy feat but that's why this is a passion piece and something I am incredibly proud of.
  • INFO

    • 600mm x 800mm resin piece created on wood canvas.
    • This signed piece comes with already fixed hanging wire and felt wall padding.

    Price does not include delivery. Please message me for delivery costs or a quote in or outside of Australia. Art can be delivered to a client within NSW, (close to Sydney) for free.


    This artwork is available for viewing on request.