Smith's Creek

A month ago I travelled on an annual boat trip with friends. We collected the house boat on the Hawkesbury at midday and drove it two and a half hours south deeper into the world of zero phone reception and to our final destination, Smith's Creek. As we drove into the inlet, surrounded by a wall of trees either side, sun glistening off the water, the sound of bird calls echoing through the valley; we anchored, cast out our lines and cracked open the first of many beers. As the sun slowly set on the day between two tree-covered hills, reflection on the water you could see stars starting to form in the sky above. It's here I discussed with my mate on how I'm going to paint this. Two days later on the water after a tonne of adventures, I was more inspired to start and proud to show you this piece today.

With the piece I wanted to mimic symetary in order to show the reflection of the water.

I've included in one of the frames; audio from sitting on the boat. The sounds of bird calls, a b oat plane flying overhead and a lyre bird call.


This one of a kind, nature-inspired is looking for a new home.

  • INFO

    • 60cm diameter piece created on mdf board.
    • This signed piece comes with already fixed hanging wire.

    Price does not include delivery. Please message me for delivery costs or a quote in or outside of Australia. Art can be delivered to a client within NSW, (close to Sydney) for free.



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