I wanted to create a piece with contrast which could be simple and complicated at the same time. White waves crashing against a black shore, pockets of "foam" with holes showing the depth of the piece below it. Details swirl proudly in this piece as if in motion. Gold laced into the blue, shimmering when the light hits it just right.


This piece comes with LED lighting, a remote and battery pack for 3x AA batteries. Batteries not included.

  • INFO

    • 60cm resin piece created on wood canvas.
    • The piece is fitted with LED strip which is run by AA Batteries. LED strips run via a 24 key remote as pictured.
    • Batteries not included.
    • This signed piece comes with already fixed hanging wire and felt wall padding.

    Price does not include delivery. Please message me for delivery costs or a quote in or outside of Australia. Art can be delivered to a client within NSW, (close to Sydney) for free.


    This artwork is available for viewing on request.