Neptunes Beard

Neptunes Beard

Hey there, so the idea behind this piece came after I saw an image of a natural sinkhole. if you don't know what a sinkhole is it is a mass of land that has a hole in it, which is filled with water. It looks like the land has been scooped out.
The image I saw had this beautiful orange sand and turquoise water. As you walked your way into the sand it changed from orange to yellow to turquoise to dark blue. You would want to swim in it I wanted to float on my back in it... I became obsessed with the idea of creating my own abstract version of it using resin to create that depth
That beautiful burnt Orange frames the piece. At the centres, a blue, textured sinkhole floor.  I used white to divide the orange and blue and create contrast and motion Those amazing details are frozen in the piece forever. Those layers of white cast shadows on the layers before it and the sinkhole "floor" sits almost 1cm below clear resin to truly give off the feeling of depth.
  • INFO

    • 60 x 80 cm resin piece created on wood canvas.
    • This signed piece comes with already fixed hanging wire and felt wall padding.

    Price does not include delivery. Please message me for delivery costs or a quote in or outside of Australia. Art can be delivered to a client within NSW, (close to Sydney) for free.