​I feel the constant need to push myself creatively with this medium. Defy those who believe this is "pour and prey" art. Show them that there is more to this fluid I work with. That the uncontrollable can be controlled. "Isles" is the very epitome of that idea. A controlled piece, poured with intent.
"Isles" gives the viewer that sense of depth within the piece as if they could step deeper and deeper into it till they were waist-deep or flying above the isles like a bird, seeing the beauty of a carved out world, ocean filling it below.
  • INFO

    • 600x800mm resin piece created on wood canvas.
    • This signed piece comes with already fixed hanging wire and felt wall padding.

    Price does not include delivery. Please message me for delivery costs or a quote in or outside of Australia. Art can be delivered to a client within NSW, (close to Sydney) for free.


    This artwork is available for viewing on request.