Custom Bookmark

I love stories. I've always enjoyed reading and drawing from a young age. My father was a storyteller. His life became a story that I love to tell. Between us, we would swap comics/books. Last week I looked at a piece of resin that had dripped off a canvas, fallen onto the ground and had pooled and hardened into a beautiful piece of art itself. Too beautiful to throw out and too strange a shape to be a piece of art I stood for too long looking at it, wondering what to do with it. Currently reading one of my dad's old books, I held the page with the gorgeous piece and the answer was there. Today (05/10/19) marks the 10th year of his passing and he is still telling stories in my life and this idea can sit in the stories of your own book.
  • INFO

    • Each piece is hand crafted and shaped
    • For each colour chosen I will pick the other colour to accompany it
    • Bookmark is 18-20cm high an 5cm wide


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