Creativity and art have always been a part of my DNA, it's my method of meditation and my passion from the moment I could hold a crayon.

Resin as a medium has completely captivated me. Not because I love the idea of attempting to control the uncontrollable but because the viewer can get lost in a myriad of deep details within a single piece.

Like the fluidity of the resin I work with, my art has evolved over the past six years from a hobby to an integral part of my life and self-expression.

Drawing inspiration from everything around me - the beach which I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of, the people who enrich my life, and the experiences which have moulded me – I fuse this with the essence of each client who commissions me for a piece of art, ensuring it speaks to who they are.

And in a world offering an abundance of likeness, you deserve to have something unique and reflective of you.

You can find works here to purchase but my main gallery can be found on instagram @chrismartin_art




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